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Since Etruscan times, Cortona’s privileged location and mild climate have made it one of the most fertile areas of Tuscany for grape growing and wine making.
The Cortona DOC certification guarantees the quality of a wide range of red, white and dessert wines, which are produced within the territory of Cortona and appreciated far beyond.
A number of Cortonese producers offer winery tours and tasting sessions, and some of these are listed below.
While not all are able to offer tours and tastings to appreciative visitors, some do have wine shops so you can buy over the counter where you see the sign ‘Vendita Diretta,’ and some also have online shops.  
You will find a full list of wine producers around Cortona and towards Montpulciano here and a detailed map of the ‘Strada del Vino‘ tour of Arezzo’s wine-producing areas here.

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Wineries which don't offer tours and tastings to visitors, but do sell their wines direct to the public (vendita diretta).

Enoteca Molesini

Wine shop

Dal Cero Tenuta Montecchiese

Vendita diretta