Fiume Candigliano

Fiume Candigliano


There are several picturesque wild swimming spots along the River Candigliano, within about 37 km or a 40-minute drive of one another.

Cascata della Gorgaccia, a waterfall with a small pool, is reached by a pleasant walk through woods and fields (GPS: 43.5434, 12.4054) 68km, 1hr 30 mins.

Fosso dell’Eremo has a pool surrounded by a pebbly beach, and is ideal for picnics (GPS: 43.5871, 12.5316) 78km, 1hr 35 mins.

Acqualagna is a wonderful rocky beach in the middle of the village with narrow lakes, boulders for diving and trees with ropes to swing and jump into the water (GPS: 43.6132, 12.6575) 102km, 1hr 45 mins.

Gola del Furlo  is a deep gorge where the turquoise waters of the Candigliano form a beautiful lake.  There is a large, shaded picnic area upstream from the gorge with access to the river (GPS: 43.6482, 12.7275) 107km, 1hr 50 mins.