Cagli & Secchiano

Cagli & Secchiano


There are several beautiful wild swimming sites near Cagli and nearby Secchiano, including Tre Pozzi and Le Foci, all within a distance of about 16km or 20 mins drive.

Tre Pozzi is a picturesque stretch of stream and a small gorge near an old mill (GPS: 43.5000, 12.6373) 86km, 1hr 30 mins.

Le Foci consists of a series of waterfalls and pools carved into the rocks, ideal for diving and sunbathing (GPS: 43.5150, 12.6390) 88km, 1hr 35 mins.


Downstream of Secchiano you will find steep canyons enclosing several pools, framed by beautiful rock formations and green forest (GPS: 43.5445, 12.6288) 93km, 1hr 40 mins.

Upstream of Secchiano offers quiet pools of different sizes of varying depths.  With sunny rocks and shaded areas, it is a perfect picnic location (GPS: 43.5350, 12.5963) 80km, 1hr 35 mins.

Where to eat nearby

These wild swimming spots are ideal for a picnic!  Otherwise, the most highly-rated restaurants nearby are Ristorante La Gioconda in Cagli and Tenetra in Candiano.

Ristorante la gioconda