Regional Capital of Umbria

62km, 1hr 5 mins

Perugia, a lively medieval-walled hill town, is the regional capital of the province of Umbria. The city has a series of escalators from the Piazza Partigiani area, up the hill and through the Rocca Paolina, to Piazza Italia, the main square in the historic town center.
There’s also a new above-ground metro line, called Minimetrò, that runs from the outskirts to the top of the city.

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Minimetrò system

Since 2008, Perugia has a light-rail system, “MiniMetrò”, from Pian di Massiano to Pincetto, near the city centre.  Trains run from 7am to 9pm from Monday to Saturday, and 9am to 8.30pm on Sundays.

The closest station to Cortona is Pian di Massiano (59km, 60 mins), which offers free parking for 3,000 cars.  If you would prefer to travel by train from Camucia-Cortona to catch the MiniMetrò, the rail journey to Pian di Massiano takes about 1hr 10 mins.  The MiniMetrò light-rail journey takes 12 mins to Pincetto near the historic centre of Perugia.

Tickets are available from automatic dispensers at the entrance to each MiniMetrò station.

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The centre of Perugia is a Zona Traffico Limitato (ZTL) where access is restricted to permit holders only and enforced by video cameras.

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