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The terracotta rooftops of Montepulciano, most famous for its ‘Vino Nobile’ wines, are huddled along a narrow limestone ridge, 600m above sea level. A long, winding street, the Corso climbs up to the main square, at the summit of the hill.  The town is encircled by 16th-century fortified walls.  

Montepulciano’s streets are crammed with Renaissance palazzi and churches, wine shops and enoteche (singular – enoteca: wine-bar).

The expansive main square, Piazza Grande, situated at the highest point in town, features the Duomo dating back to 1570 with its rough unfinished facade, the 14th-century Palazzo Comunale (town hall) offering panoramic views from its terrazzo, the Palazzo Contucci and the 16th-century well, Il Pozzo dei Grifi e dei Leoni, featurig the Medici coat of arms (as a nod to Florence), supported by lions and the griffin, representing Montepulciano.

what to see

Torre del Pulcinella
Clock tower
Terrazza del Palazzo Comunale
Panoramic view
Palazzo Tarugi
Renaissance Palace
San Bagio
Piazza Grande
Wine shops and bars
Il Pozzo dei Grifi e dei Leoni
Well in Piazza Grande
Fortezza Medicea
13th-century Fortress
Chiesa del Gesù


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