Eat in Cortona

If you just fancy popping out for some fast, casual dining, there are a couple of unfussy local restaurants nearby.  For a better selection and some really mouthwatering culinary delights, head a few kilometres further down the hillside into Cortona.

Below you’ll also discover the best eateries to track down while you’re out day-tripping to neighbouring towns and cities across Tuscany and into Umbria.

Wherever you find yourself, you’ll discover something here to look forward to.


La Loggetta

Piazza di Pescheria, 52044 Cortona
12km, 20 mins


A family-run traditional Tuscan restaurant located within the historic centre of Cortona, with beautiful views over Piazza della Repubblica from the 13th-century loggia.  Serves classical Tuscan dishes.  Menu includes vegetarian and gluten-free dishes.  Closed on Wednesdays.

Ristorante al tocco

Via Benedetti 24, Cortona
11km, 18 mins


On the short walk from parking at the Porta Colonia to the piazzas (Signorelli and La Repubblica).

One of the very best restaurants in Cortona.  High-quality local ingredients, expertly prepared.  One of our favourites.

La Bucaccia

Via Ghibellina, 17 Cortona
12km, 20 mins


Restaurant La Bucaccia is housed in a beautiful historic building and is distinguished by quality, local and seasonal ingredients used to prepare exquisite traditional Tuscan dishes.

The restaurant pays particular attention to the choice of local products, including renowned specialties such as Chianina PGI beef, Cinta Senese and fine cheeses.

Osteria del Teatro

Via Maffei, 2 Cortona
11km, 20 mins



Housed in a beautifully restored 6th-Century building, Osteria del Teatro offers a selection of Cortonese dishes, modern interpretations of classic Tuscan cuisine.

Famous patrons include Robert Redford and Ralph Fiennes.  Closed on Wednesdays.

Ristorante Preludio

Via Guelfa 11, Cortona
12km, 20 mins


Preludio provides a very cozy atmosphere in pleasantly classic and smart setting.

Traditional Tuscan cuisine updated for the modern palate with a strongly seasonal focus.

Locanda al Pozzo Antico

Via Ghini, 12 - 52044 Cortona
12km, 20 mins



Housed in a 14th-century building in Cortona’s centro storico, a short walk from the Piazza del Commune, the restaurant offers a fresh and seasonal Tuscan menu, including home-made pasta, in a warm and refined atmosphere.

Nessun Dorma

Via Gramsci 84, Cortona
15km, 25 mins



Housed in the beautiful vaulted cellars of a 13th- century building opposite the Teatro Signorelli in Cortona’s centro storico.  Offers typical Tuscan dishes made with fresh, local ingredients, and a pleasant view of the Teatro Signorelli from the outside dining area.

Ristorante il Cacciatore

Via Roma 11/13, Cortona 52044
12km, 20 mins


In a charming side street in the heart of the Etruscan town, Il Cacciatore has an outdoor area and two large internal rooms.

Offers typical Tuscan dishes, and provides for gluten-free eaters.

Trattoria La Grotta

Piazza Baldelli, 3, 52044 Cortona
12km, 20 mins


Located in a small and charming square, a few meters from Piazza della Repubblica, heart of the town, La Grotta has two charming Etruscan dining rooms and an outside dining area.

This family-run restaurant offers typical Tuscan delicacies, including home-made pasta.

il Falconiere

370 Località San Martino Bocena, Cortona
15km, 25 mins


10 A few kilometres outside Cortona is the only Michelin three-star restaurant in the province of Arezzo.  The panoramic terrace enjoys beautiful countryside views. High-quality local ingredients and a wide selection of wines.

Tempero ristorante

Via Benedetti 10-12, 52044 Cortona
12km, 20 mins

11 An unassuming little restaurant with a pleasant courtyard to the side.  The menu is traditional and the food is excellent.  The service is very friendly and helpful.  The 1.2kg Chianina T-bone steak is a head-turner!  Highly recommended.

Antica Trattoria

Via Luca Signorelli 30, Cortona
12km, 20 mins

12 One of several trattorie on the Piazza Signorelli, and felicitously located just a few steps from Gelateria Snoopy. The food is traditional and well prepared and the location lively.  

Relais La Corte dei Papi

Via La Dogana, 12 - 52044 Cortona
18km, 25 mins


13 Located in an elegant Tuscan country house hotel.   The restaurant is housed in what was the originally the wine cellar, and serves traditional Tuscan dishes with a modern twist.

Creta Osteria

Località Manzano, 15 Cortona
22km, 30 mins

14 Modern rustic-style eatery in Manzano.  Sophisticated but simple.  Closed on Mondays and Sunday evenings.

L'Antica Casina di Caccia

Villa di Piazzano, Località Piazzano 7, 06069 Cortona
20km, 30 mins



Located in Villa Piazzano, an elegant Tuscan country villa hotel 10 minutes outside Cortona, and just across the Umbrian border.  An intimate restaurant serving modern, regional cuisine. Diners can admire the villa’s beautifully tended garden from the outside dining area.

Locanda del Molino

Località Montanare 10, 52044 Cortona
21km, 30 mins

16 Charming, rustic restaurant in an old family mill outside Cortona, serving regional cuisine.  Traditional specialities include fried rabbit and nettle with ricotta cheese gnudi (ravioli filling without the pasta) in a fresh tomato sauce.