Casa del Cioccolato

Casa del Cioccolato

Perugia, Umbria




Enjoy the charm of the Perugina Chocolate Museum, one of Italy’s oldest brands and watch what goes on at the heart of the Perugina factory.

Discover the taste of their chocolate and book a course at the Scuola del Cioccolato to complete your experience.


Perugina is located a few kilometres away from Perugia’s town centre. The tour starts at the Historic Museum and continues into the heart of the Factory (via an overhead walkway), where you’ll taste delicious Perugina chocolates. Booking is highly recommended to avoid queues at busy times.

The Scuola del Cioccolato offers courses and workshops for you to learn chocolate-making techniques.  Courses in English are available by prior reservation only. If you would like a visit and a course on the same day, it is essential to book both in advance.